On Monday, Nov. 4, police responded to a report of marijuana in the Grand Chemistry Building. The substance was actually a green leaf.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, police responded to a report from a resident assistant that there was marijuana at Wagner College.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, there was a report of marijuana at Greeley College. The results were unfounded.

On Thursday, Nov. 7, police responded to complaints of marijuana at Langmuir College and Whitman College. Both cases were unfounded.

On Sunday, Nov. 10, an RA reported to University Police that a student was smoking marijuana. The student was reported to the University.


On Monday, Nov. 4, a female reported her bag missing from Humanities. She later found it in her room.


On Friday, Nov. 8, a group of commuter students reported various belongings being stolen from Pritchard Gym. The students had left their belonging in the hallway while they were in the gym.

Criminal Mischief:

On Friday, Nov. 8, damage to two license plates in Kelly Lot were reported to police by a male commuter student and a female commuter student.

On Friday, Nov. 8, there was a report that a dry erase board at Keller College had racial slurs. The case is still open.


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