Decked out in their Halloween costumes, members of the Undergraduate Student Government held their weekly senate meeting on Thursday to report on the month’s accomplishments and future plans.

In his monthly report to the Senate, President Adil Hussain focused his comments on recent trouble Stony Brook students have with off-campus housing.

The Town of Brookhaven has “certain reservations about students living off campus,” he said, adding that one of USG’s main focuses is an effort to “teach students how to be a good neighbor.”

This issue originated in May when the Brookhaven municipal government passed a resolution that changed the housing code to forbid more than four unrelated individuals from living under one roof. Some landlords, though, seemingly ignored the change.


Hussain also talked about campus dining issues, saying USG made the topic a priority this semester.

“We are keeping track of what’s going on,” he said. “We are going to make significant changes, [but] some of these are going to take longer,” like the topic of pricing, which he added discussions need to occur for.

He cited the Facebook page called “SBU Food Complaints/Improvements” and the two dining forums the student government hosted to talk about “unrealistic stay of budget dining plans” and “healthier hot entree items.” The latter were part of USG’s new initiative called SB Voice.

Senator James Alrassi spoke on the success of SB Voice, an online forum intended for students to voice their concerns.


“It’s been relatively successful,” he said. “I’ve heard some discontent from students [and] that’s why [Vice President of Academic Affairs] Steve Adelson is sending senators from his committee to individuals so we can get answers.”

Another topic discussed at the meeting was Vice President of Communications and Public Relations Mario Ferone’s monthly report, focusing on goals he and other USG members are planning to achieve.

One item is an airport shuttle project Ferone and Sophomore Representative Colleen Chelsak are working on, where students could take a bus to the airport at the start of long breaks. Presently, the plan is only in the discussion stage.

“We are going to be sending out a survey to out of state students to see if they are interested for a shuttle to and from the airport,” Ferone said at the meeting.

Also mentioned at the meeting was new changes made to USG’s tutoring program called Providing Academic Support for Students.


“Student will request a course, as he or she always has,” Adelson said, “but with this new system the student will also select from a list of time slots which ones he or she is available to attend.”


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