On Tuesday, Sept. 24, police responded to a complaint at the Computer Science Building where there was chalk writing on the outside of the building.

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, a male resident student reported to University Police that there was $6,000 worth of unauthorized transactions on his account.

On Wednesday, Sept. 25, graffiti was found on a bulletin board in Sanger College. This is under investigation.

On Wednesday, Sept. 25, a female commuter student reported that her wallet was missing, and when it was found, $50 was missing from the wallet. A male commuter student was arrested for stealing the $50 and was given a ticket to make a field appearance.

On Thursday Sept. 26, three students were referred to the university after they were observed smoking marijuana. On the same day, two students at Eisenhower College were also referred after admitting to smoking marijuana.

On Saturday, Sept. 28, a male with no affiliation to the university was arrested for DWI on West Dr.

On Saturday, Sept. 28, two males with no affiliation to the university were found in the basement of the Staller Center and were arrested for loitering.


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