There are many alternatives to taking the bus for people who do not enjoy the experience. (EFAL SAYED / THE STATESMAN)

You have seen the buses, and even if you never take the bus, you have raced them at crosswalks. Residents and commuters alike have their favorites; my top two are the motocross one (we have a motocross team? Wasn’t that a Disney channel movie when we were kids?) and the one that looks normal but actually has plush seats inside.

A huge percentage of us take the bus. As a student who lives off campus, I frequent the express, but I have ridden a bunch of them. And while many of us take the bus, a slightly lesser percentage act like terrible people the minute they ascend those steps. It is like the majority of our well established social norms do not exist on the bus. It baffles me.

Here is the thing: a lot of people who act poorly to their fellow man on the bus are angry at the bussing system. They resent having to take the bus, for whatever reason. Let me tell you a secret. You do not have to take the bus. No one is forcing you.

Seriously. If you hate the bus so much, do not get on it and subsequently act like a jerk, disrupting my day. If you are going somewhere across campus, you can walk. Yes, even to the hospital. If you have such a vendetta, and your friend lives in Roth Quad and you are at the Union, just walk. It is really not that far.


“But my car! I have to take the express!” Literally thousands of commuters navigate South P everyday and it does not seem to bother them. If you do not want your car there, and you do not want to brave the express, pay for stadium parking or park at the pay lots (and how about you actually pay. You are an adult). Park in one of the lots for commuters by the train. Yeah, they are far, but you hate the bus, right?

Actually, the buses are not that bad. They are generally on time and clean, and the majority of drivers are good at their job. And honestly, it is nice they do not have us buy passes or pay per ride. Despite some of our tuition going to the transportation system, plenty of schools charge an individual fee on top of that.

So here is your first step to not being a schmuck the moment you are faced with the huge ATVs plastered on bus 60-whatever in the SAC loop: If you do not like it, do not take it.


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