Though the majority of students may be stuck inside the innards of SBU's Melville Library, the rest may have to shape up before midterm rolls around. (NINA LIN / THE STATESMAN)
Though the majority of students may be stuck inside the innards of SBU’s Melville Library, the rest may have to shape up before midterms roll around. (NINA LIN / THE STATESMAN)

The start of fall is just around the corner, and I’ve noticed a wonderful trend with each new freshman class. They stay out later, their clothes are shorter and are all oblivious to the rude awakening that will soon hit them.

For most, the fall is a time for enjoying pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, pulling out those boots and sweaters and getting into the grind of being back at school. But this year, the amount of skin many of us now see around campus is appalling. Don’t they realize their professors judge them from the minute they walk into a lecture hall? And yes, for all the times they repeat it, they do see you texting your high school friends that you’ll forget about after winter break.
Sleep has been lost over screaming and drunk freshman coming back to their dorms at three a.m. Freshman can easily be easily identified by their IDs and keys hanging from their necks on an SBU lanyard. Their rude awakening? When midterms come in the next two or three weeks, and they fail.
Though this description is for the select batch that find college to be a non stop party for four years, it is safe to say many are nervous about upcoming tests. This is not like high school. Yes, there is a lot more free time, but that can be your worst enemy. It is a lot harder to pull up your GPA than to maintain it. This new found freedom may be nice, but reality will hit you quick. No one will take responsibility for you at this school.
So please. Put those shorts away, those tiny tiny shorts from Abercrombie Kids and start dressing like a college student. Your professors will respect you more and will probably be more willing to write you a recommendation. Pay attention. Put those phones away for the short hours you have a class and at least pretend to be awake. Unfortunately, we all have to graduate at some point, and employers are not looking for the better beer pong player, or the one who can take the most tequila shots. So rather than go out every night, take it from those who are leaving soon: Don’t waste four years looking at the bottom of a Solo cup.


Anusha is a history major with a specialization in Latin America. She started as a contributing writer her freshman year, and is currently the Assistant Opinions Editor. Journalism has always been an interest, as much of public opinion comes from the daily news. After graduation, she hopes to further her studies in either law or history, though much like her opinions, is subject to change. Her experiences abroad have given her insight into how much of the world lives, operates, and why covering foreign affairs is necessary. Her trips to Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, Cambodia and many others have shown how fortunate Americans are, and why history is the key to changing foreign policy.


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