Stony Brook is in the middle of undergoing a major facelift. There are a number of projects and infrastructure improvements happening on campus.

The new building next to the library will be named Frey Hall and will open for classes in the fall. (FRANCES YU/THE STATESMAN)
The new building next to the library will be named Frey Hall and will open for classes in the fall. (FRANCES YU/THE STATESMAN)

Some setbacks have delayed the completion of certain construction projects on campus, such as Kelly Dining, which between its delayed opening and a major leak in the roof, seems to be a point of contention among students.

Kelly Dining was forced to shut down while a temporary membrane was installed after winter storm Nemo dumped more than 30 inches of snow on Stony Brook, causing “extensive ceiling leaks in customer areas.” Kelly Dining reopened on March 11 and took three weeks to repair.

Media Relations Manager James Montalto offered an explanation for the delays.


“West Side Dining, formerly Kelly Dining, is scheduled to open for the upcoming fall semester,” said Montalto. “At the time the construction contract was awarded, the contractor provided an ambitious timeline that was not fulfilled.”

“It’s definitely an inconvenience,” said junior Kacy Schounott, a math major at Stony Brook University. “They’ve been working on it for a while now and shouldn’t keep pushing it back.”

According to the FSA website, the new West Side facilities will offer an “eclectic coffee house in the center of residential activity” that also boasts Wi-Fi service and a barbeque station, named “Bob’s BBQ” in honor of retired Chemistry Professor Bob Kerber’s advocacy in advancing FSA facilities, services and programs including the renovation of the building.

There will also be stations offering rotisserie chicken and homestyle ethnic entrees, deli sandwiches, Eastern cuisine, salad, pizza and paninis.


The Hilton Garden Inn located by the main entrance of campus had its grand opening in February, and shot up in comparison to other projects that were started before.

“What I want to know is why the Hilton was opened before Kelly Dining or the pool,” said Matthew Roberts, 21, a political science major at Stony Brook University, “They should take priority on the projects that will affect students the most.”

In addition to Kelly Dining, the Old Chemistry building, which will be known as “Frey Hall,” is undergoing renovations and should be completed by the summer, and a new state-of-the-art Marine Science center is set to open on the Southampton campus during the fall 2013.

Construction of the new Computer Science building is well underway with a projected completion of fall 2014, and the Stony Brook Arena is scheduled to be completed during that same semester.

The high temperature hot water lines project, which involves the replacement of all direct buried high temperature hot water piping, will be completed by summer 2013 according to Montalto.


The first phase of the high voltage feeders project will be completed by fall 2015.


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