USG senators listen to an update on the Spring Concert artist, who has yet to be announced. (METSHA RENOIS / THE STATESMAN)
USG senators listen to an update on the Spring Concert artist, who has yet to be announced. (METSHA RENOIS / THE STATESMAN)

This week’s senate meeting included a short agenda. Even so, there was business to conduct, as the senate unanimously approved the Badminton Club’s request for line budget status.

Also passed uncontested was an amendment to extend the budget timeline for USG by a week. Senator Mario Ferone of the budget committee explained to the senate that “part of the reason is because we want to make sure we know whether the Student Activity Fee increases or not.”

The open agenda took up the bulk of the meeting with some announcements and updates. Vice President of Academic Affairs Derek Cope asked the senate to help promote getting submissions for Professor of the Year and teacher assistant of the year.

USG Administrative Director Christopher Muller gave the senate an accounting update, saying “Today the accounting office did 134 checks, so it’s very, very busy, which is exciting, there’s a lot of amazing events happening on campus, so April’s a very fun time of the year.” In regard to a backlog of vouchers received for such events, Muller said “We’re trying to process things as quick as possible.”


As for an update on Roth Regatta, which takes place at noon on April 26, Muller said, “A lot of progress is happening.”

He added that registration will be on Monday, April 22 and commended Vice President of Communications Sophia Marsh and her team on promotion of the event, including posters and its Facebook page.

Muller also gave an update on the Spring Concert, explaining what has been happening with the contracts with the artists.

“There are a lot of cross-outs that have to be done on this because basically if we have something on the contract and we do not fulfill that obligation then we’re going to get sued.” Muller said he has been spending time looking at the contracts line by line doing cross-outs and that “our attorney had a lot of concerns about the contract. One of the artists had a rider…that’s updated on a monthly basis.” He explained the agents have all the paperwork and are in the process of reviewing it, but that negotiations sometimes require much back-and-forth discussion.


In terms of other events, Muller announced that the contract for Bill Nye has been signed, and that event will be held on Friday, April 19.


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