University Police questioned three Stony Brook students on Thursday, Feb. 21 for approximately five hours.  One student is being accused of stealing a vial of ecoli from the lab where they are employed and threatened to create a bomb.

The other two students that were questioned are friends of the main subject, according to police.  Police searched the rooms of two of the students.

All three students were released without charges and have said they did not wish to give a statement at this time.

“Upon investigation, University Police recovered the vial, were able to ascertain the nature of the substance, determined that it was not a dangerous substance and posed no risk to the campus community,” the university said in a press release. “University Police investigators indicate that interviews are ongoing; no decision regarding disciplinary action has been made at this time. On Wednesday, Feb. 13, an intoxicated male student was transported to the University Hospital from Benedict College. Police referred him to the university.

On Wednesday, Feb. 13, the unlawful posting of an anti-police sticker was found on a door at Toscanini College.

On Wednesday, Feb. 13, a male resident student was arrested after allegedly breaking another male resident student’s glasses at Hamilton College.

On Thursday, Feb. 14, university police found a university bus sign hanging on a dorm room wall at Dewey College. All students in the room were issued referrals.

On Friday, Feb. 15, five students were referred to the university by police for disorderly conduct on campus. Alcohol was involved.


On Saturday, Feb 16, a male resident student fell and struck his head on the pavement at Benedict College. When police interviewed him, he admitted he had been smoking marijuana. He was taken to the University Hospital and police referred him to the university.

On Sunday, Feb. 17 at 4:56 a.m., a male student was found unconscious at Eisenhower College. According to police, he had been drinking off campus before he was found. He was taken to the University Hospital and referred to the university by police.

On Sunday, Feb. 17, an RA at Schick College discovered graffiti on the first floor of the stairwell. The case is still open and detectives are following up on it.

All the information herein is according to official police reports.


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