Emma Stone is one of the celebrities the Statesman Editors finds exceptionally attractive. (PHOTO CREDIT: MCT CAMPUS)
Emma Stone is one of the celebrities the Statesman Editors finds exceptionally attractive. (PHOTO CREDIT: MCT CAMPUS)

While there are countless A-list celebrities that deserve to be on the first The Statesman’s Sexiest List, it is just not possible to include all of them. The arts & entertainment editors and the photo editor have teamed up to rank the sexiest celebrities based on sex appeal, success and personality.

First up is Emma Stone. She was undisputedly at the top of everyone’s list. She is the epitome of class. She is also absolutely stunning. She introduced herself to audiences in “Zombieland,” and we fell in love with her after seeing her star in “Easy A.” It does not hurt that she’s also in one of the best celebrity relationships with Andrew Garfield.

Our second celeb to make the list is Beyoncé. It does not really bother us that she is a tad out of our age range or married. She is pure talent, and she is so beautiful at the same time. Maybe all it took for us to remember how great she is was a killer halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl.

Last up is Alison Brie. The sexy star of “Community” is slowly becoming the “it girl” of comedy. She recently starred in “The Five-Year Engagement” and “Save the Date.” She’s also a frequent star of AMC’s “Mad Men.” If her acting chops aren’t enough, a running gag on “Community” is about how large her breasts are.


As for the males, first pick goes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s been acting since his youth, but he really shows off his acting chops in “(500) Days of Summer.” He has continued strong and recently starred in “Looper.” His boyish looks really work well for him, and his charisma and charm really seal the deal.

On the other side of the coin from JGL is Alex Pettyfer, who is Hollywood’s latest edgy bad boy. His unapologetic attitude has a certain raw magnetism to it, and anyone who saw “Magic Mike” knows he has a killer body. He definitely has the sexy part down.

Frank Ocean is last on our list. We may not be completely clear on what his sexuality is, but we do know he’s definitely attractive. The young R&B crooner came out of nowhere this past year, and we sincerely hope he’s here to stay. His Grammy-nominated album “Channel Orange” is definitely worth a listen. He’s got a certain cute charm to him that just draws people in, and that’s part of what makes him so attractive.


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