Students who use Stony Brook University’s health insurance returned this semester to see a 27 percent increase on their bill. The difference is because the spring semester covers two additional months, but the rate could spike again next semester as a result of the new health care law.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, the university lost about 1,000 members “presumably due to the Affordable Care Act,” Angela Agnello, director of marketing and communications at the Faculty Student Association, said, and if that number continues to go down, “student health insurance premiums may continue to increase.”

Under the Affordable Care Act, young adults can now be insured as dependents on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26.

“When we lose members, the cost is amortized across the existing membership,” Agnello said.

The new law also forced the university to add coverage for preventive services and increase prescription coverage, according to Agnello.

The campus’ health insurance is billed to all full-time and selected medicine students.

The rate is $942 this semester, up from $682 in the fall, a $260 increase.

Comparatively, the spring 2012 semester  rate was $762, while the fall  of 2011  rate was $553, a change of $209 from one semester to the next.


The rate has increased from $553 to $942 in three semesters, then, nearly doubling.

The spring semester coverage goes from mid-January to mid-August while the fall semester coverage goes from mid-August to mid-January.

Students who are already insured should waive the required health insurance on SOLAR by Feb. 15.


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