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Fear not. Long Island is home to several music venues that offer a variety of genres for any student looking for an opportunity to venture off campus and catch a show. Whether the band names are big or small, rap or rock, these three concert destinations get the job done and are only a short distance from campus.

The Paramount, located in Huntington, N.Y. is about 35 minutes away from campus. According to The Paramount’s Director of Marketing Adam Ellis, the venue has been open for a little over a year. “The bands that play our venue and the music we showcase is a great fit for the college audience,” Ellis said. “We offer drink specials, a trolley from the LIRR so they don’t have to drive and even internships for those looking to get into the music business,” Ellis said.

Ellis said The Paramount leans towards rock and roll; however, it books shows for genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Country and Pop. The venue also offers boxing matches and comedy shows. “The best shows so far have been The Doors, Counting Crows, Stone Temple Pilots and Marilyn Manson because these are national acts known around the world that agreed to play Downtown Huntington because we now have a great venue for them,” Ellis said.

According to the website, the most anticipated show within the next month is Marina & the Diamonds.


Looney Tunes music store, located in West Babylon, N.Y., is also about a half hour away from campus. According to owner of the store Karl Groeger, Looney Tunes is not an actual concert venue by definition. Instead, it is a music store that provides customers with the largest stock of CD’s, LP’s and DVD’s on Long Island as well as concerts. “What sets us aside is all of our concerts are free for our customers,” Groeger explained. “Usually if a band plays, we ask that people purchase their new CD and then you get a wristband to get into the event,” he said.

According to Groeger, Looney Tunes provides music from all different genres such as classical, folk, punk, hardcore, metal and rap. “We have had over 400 bands play here. Some of the biggest were Ozzy Osbourne, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Coheed and Cambria and Bayside. We have had quite a few bands over the years,” Groeger said. Recently, Machine Gun Kelly came to Looney Tunes for a performance and signing. “That was probably the biggest rap star we have done in a long time,” Groeger said.

Looney Tunes gives customers an intimate concert experience. “We provide them with not only a place to see a concert but they get to meet the bands, get pictures with the bands and autographs,” Groeger said.

89 North Music Venue in Patchogue, N.Y., is just 20 minutes from campus. According to one of the owners Dan Welsch, the venue has only been open for seven months. “We feel it is the best if not one of the best music venues on Long Island,” Welsch said. Welsch claimed his venue is different from the others because of the priority they give to concerts. “To us, [music] is our business. It is our only business,” he said. Welsch prides the venue on the view from the floor to the stage. “Even the worst seat all the way in the back is still a great seat.” 89 North also provides concertgoers with a full bar. “We have a great selection of craft beers, alcohol and wine, that kind of stuff. But the focus is the music,” Welsch said.


89 North’s concerts cover a wide range of music. “You can see screamo-metal one night, folk music the next, hip-hop shows and a lot of new musicians,” Welsch said. In the past, 89 North has had cover bands and up-and-coming musicians such as The Sheepdogs, Memphis Crawl and James Maddock. The venue not only brings in nationally known musicians, but also caters to Long Island artists as well. “We usually have the local Long Island original bands play on Thursday nights,” Welsch said.

Within the next month, 89 North will host bands such as Poppa Chubby as well as many Hurricane Sandy relief shows.

When venturing off campus to find a show, you do not have to go far. Long Island is home to many other concert venues, both large and small, that host both local and internationally known names. It is a great opportunity to get off campus as well as hear some good music.


Emily is a journalism student at Stony Brook University. Since she was a kid, Emily knew she wanted to be a writer and sat at her kitchen table writing books. In high school, Emily excelled in writing classes but was unaware of what she wanted her career to be after college. A transfer student from Suffolk Community County Community College, Emily took News Literacy with Dean Schneider in her first semester at Stony Brook and was sold on being a journalist. To her, there is no better career than keeping the public informed through her writing.


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