East Coast faces tough recovery from huge storm
(MCT Campus)

Power outages left campus in the dark on Monday night as Long Island was subjected to Hurricane Sandy.

University officials said that “an unexpected malfunction” on a part of high voltage equipment caused the brief outage, which was fixed quickly.

Students on campus were in the dark for 37 minutes, from 10:05 p.m. to 10:42 p.m.

Lawrence Zacarese, assistant chief of police and director of emergency management, said the university could secure electricity because it decided to isolate campus from Long Island Power Authority’s power supply. University officials said they expected that LIPA would experience the outage.

“By doing that—islanding is the term that we use—we secured ourselves so that when LIPA lost power, we maintained our own,” Zacarese said.

At the peak of the outage, LIPA said that more than 945,000 of its 1,126,633 customers on Long Island were without power due to the storm.

By Friday, Nov. 2 the number dropped to 529,737. Power should be restored to more people by Nov.10 or 11.

SBU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. said in a statement Friday, Nov. 2 that the campus community was “very fortunate in that we experienced just a brief power interruption.”


Resident students on the Southampton Campus were evacuated and housed on the main campus in Stony Brook, Stanley said. Power was restored to the Southampton Campus on Friday, Nov. 2, according to his statement.

As of Friday, Nov. 2 the Manhattan Campus is still without power.

A decision on holding classes there “will be made on a day-to-day basis until power is restored,” Stanley said.

In addition, the campus experienced an Internet network outage from Monday, Oct. 29 to Tuesday, Oct. 30 which was due to regional power outages, university officials said.


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