Students have been awaiting the opening of the new Campus Recreation Center with bated breath. Expectations are high thanks to all of the amenities that the center will offer, which include a three-court gymnasium, three group fitness studios, a weight and fitness room, a 1/10th-mile track, equipment rentals, wireless internet access and more.

Despite these fitness services, students have been concerned about the future of fitness classes that currently take place in the Student Activities Center. There was uncertainty about whether these classes would be cancelled completely or shifted over to the new Campus Recreation Center.

In relation to these worries, the Student Activities Center website states, “All classes begin on Wednesday, Sept. 5, and will end when the new Campus Recreation Center opens.”

Meanwhile, the Campus Recreation Center website says, “Zumba, yoga and other fitness classes will be added to the fitness class schedule in September.”


Regarding the SBU Fit Club, the Campus Recreation Center website states, “The program will be re-instated during the Spring 2013 semester within the Campus Recreation Center.” The Campus Recreation Center promises to provide students with the opportunity to continue to attend their favorite fitness classes in a new facility.

Dean Bowen, assistant director of fitness and wellness programs, provided more insight into the future of fitness classes in the Campus Recreation Center. According to Bowen, the fitness classes that currently appear on the schedule for fall 2012 will take place in the Campus Recreation Center starting with the opening day for the Campus Recreation Center.

In other words, from Oct. 19, 2012 and onward, the current classes that are listed on the fall 2012 schedule will take place in the Campus Recreation Center. However, Bowen stated that new classes will not be added to the schedule until the online registration process, policies and procedures are adjusted, if needed.

Bowen said that in spring 2013, students can expect to see up to 70 group fitness classes available each week from Monday to Sunday. The Campus Recreation Center will have plenty of space to accommodate all of these classes. Among the Campus Recreation Center’s three Wellness Studios, one is set to house Indoor Cycling on the Keiser M3C. This will be open to 30 participants.


The rest of the fitness classes will take place in the other two studios. The Campus Recreation Center has varying levels of available occupancy, from about 28 people to about 46 people in the largest room on the first floor.

Students are already excited to make use of the brand new fitness and wellness facilities that will be open in the Campus Recreation Center starting from Oct. 22, 2012.


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