Student Activities Board Bylaw Revisions


Senator Kenneth Myers gave a presentation before the Senate in which he proposed several changes to the Student Activities Board bylaws.

According to Myers, SAB needs to make a change to its bylaws because it is not enough to base which acts to feature throughout the year through legislation alone.

Under Myers’ new revisions to the bylaws, several defunct committees such as the Roth Regatta committee will be officially disbanded in order to streamline the organization.


Myers expressed his hope that the Student Activities Board would be able to make fair decisions on performances to satisfy all members of the undergraduate student body.

The Senate unanimously approved Myers’ revisions to the bylaws.




Former Senator Questions USG Actions



During Thursday’s Senate meeting, former USG Senator Nicholas Ela openly questioned the decisions of the current Senate on the delayed enactment of several pieces of legislation passed into law last year.

Ela, who was an acting member of the Senate last year, said that the USG has ignored the fact that three pieces of legislation were voted into law during a meeting in late spring 2012, which is currently reflected in the committee minutes.

Parliamentarian Esam Al-Shareffi clarified that there was a controversy during the decision-making process after it was unclear whether former USG President Mark Maloof had vetoed the three bills in the allotted time period.

Al-Shareffi said that in situations such as this one, in which whether or not the legislation was passed was unclear, that the Senate should err on the side of caution by not acknowledging their approval.

Ela asked the committee to consider the pieces of legislation and make a final decision in the coming weeks.





Subcommittee Readdresses Issue of Out of State Student Driver Funds



At this week’s meeting, the USG Senate approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to address the issue of whether or not to fund out of state student drivers in USG-sponsored off-campus trips.

The proposed committee suggested that it was discriminatory to prevent USG funding for out of state drivers on off-campus trips, as there is a growing body of students from out of state attending Stony Brook.

The committee, which was approved unanimously by the Senate, will bring future suggestions on the matter before the senate for approval.



Undergraduate Student Colleges to Hold Election Night Viewing Party


Undergraduate Admini-strative Director Christopher Muller announced that the Undergraduate Student Colleges will be holding an election night viewing party on Nov. 6 for students.

The event will feature interactive booths and other free activities for students. The location of the viewing party is yet to be determined.


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