Carolina Berszakiewicz, a pre-med student at Stony Brook University, died early Saturday morning in a car accident.

Berszakiewicz was riding in the front passenger seat of a black 2009 Mazda 3 that was heading eastbound on Johnson Avenue in Brooklyn when the driver, 19-year-old Sebastian Worwa, lost control of the car and struck a wooden pole at approximately 3:12 a.m., police said.

Worwa is currently at Elmhurst General Hospital in stable condition. He has been arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter. Berszakiewicz, 21, was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

The investigation is ongoing and police are looking into the allegation of driver intoxication. Worwa and Berszakiewicz were dating.


“She loved Stony Brook, she loved the people at Stony Brook,” her father, Jan, said of his only child. “She would have loved to be a doctor. She was a very good person, never hurt anybody.”

Berszakiewicz came from a family of doctors and planned on becoming a plastic surgeon, her father said. She spent her summers visiting her family in Poland and going with them to the hospital where they worked.

Berszakiewicz was set to graduate from SBU this May. She was also involved in the Adapted Aquatics program on campus.

“We took a lifeguarding class together,” Lauren Betancourt, student at SBU and friend of Berszakiewicz, said. “She was really great and she was a really good friend of mine. It’s devastating to find out about this. She’s honestly the nicest person I’ve ever met. She did great in class. She’s going to be missed so much.”


A good friend of Berszakiewicz, Mila Toyber, said in a Facebook message “She was so full of life, never letting anything sad bother her. Even if there was something wrong, she’d always have a smile on her face. She was a sweetheart…She was honestly one of my true best friends. No matter how upset you would get, she would be one of the first people to come up to you and try to talk and help you out. She was an amazing TA for CPR class. But truly a great friend to all.”

Another SBU student and friend of Berszakiewicz, Glenn Hoffman, said he remembers her as “a great girl, hilarious, funny.”

Berszakiewicz’s father said her plan to be a doctor made her family proud and Stony Brook was where she decided to start that dream.

“She shouldn’t have left us so quickly,” Toyber said. “I can only say I miss her and wish she were back here with us. But I am very thankful for getting to know her so well and to truly call her one of my best friends. She will live forever in my heart.”

Reporting contributed by Christine Powell.