Homecoming is one of the most spirited days of the year. Students, faculty and alumni partake in numerous festivities leading up to the notorious tailgate and one of the biggest football games of the year.

With all that Seawolf magic filling the air, it seems like anything could happen—even a wedding proposal in front of more than 100 people.

On Saturday, Stony Brook University alumnus Steve Gallucci got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Jenni Eaton, of four and a half years.

Ready to tie the knot, Gallucci thought the perfect time to do propose would be during the couple’s planned trip to this year’s homecoming.

Gallucci and Eaton, who hail from the Northern Virginia suburbs just outside of Washington, D.C., had plans to relive some of their college fun during the homecoming tailgate and reconnect with friends from their old fraternity and sorority.

“All of our friends were going to be there, because all of our friends went to Stony Brook,” Gallucci said. “Also, both of our fraternities and sororities were going to be there. So, I told a couple of my friends and we had a bunch of people come out.”

The pair, who met through mutual friends, hit it off immediately and were soon dating.

“She was living with a couple of my old friends who were still going to Stony Brook at the time,” Gallucci said. “I had graduated at Stony Brook and she was in her sophomore year when we met at a friend’s house.”


The story just goes to show that at homecoming anything—from the Seawolves pulling out a win in the last quarter to a thoughtful wedding proposal between two SBU alumni—is possible.

Eaton said she was not expecting the proposal at all.

The couple hasn’t made any plans for the wedding yet.


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