Life has been busy for Taylor Swift. Still, somewhere in between releasing and promoting her new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and making time for her new beau, Conor Kennedy, the pop-country star wants to perform at one lucky high school or college in the continental United States. Unfortunately for Stony Brook’s Swift fans, however, Stony Brook could not apply for the contest.

According to Undergraduate Student Government President Anna Lubitz, the Student Activities Board she oversees had looked into the contest and was excited about the chance to get Swift to perform. However, while looking into the contest, it realized it would take place in the fall semester, and the school would be unable to host her.

Still, Lubitz said that unlike Swift’s getting back with her ex, a Taylor Swift concert on campus is not something that could never happen. USG is currently leaving the choice of who the headliner of the next concert at Stony Brook will be to the students. “Even if we can’t get the performer the students want, we try to get someone in the same genre,” Lubitz said.

Assistant Director for Student Activities Diane Redo has the job of making sure the performances planned by the Student Activities Board happen safely. According to Redo, the process of securing a venue on campus and determining the security for an event takes approximately eight weeks.  This includes doing background checks on the artists. While Redo said that Swift’s coming to campus is not possible for the fall semester, she added that she hopes the board can find a way to get her here in the future.


As far as accommodations go, it really depends on what Redo called the “champagne taste” of the performer. When Reel Big Fish performed on the Staller Steps on Labor Day, the band stayed at the Holiday Inn on Route 347 and got ready in the dressing room at the Staller Center. However, when Kevin Hart performed at Stony Brook, he was looking for a four-star hotel and stayed at the Hyatt. Swift, who is known for staying in what she calls “fancy hotels,” would probably also be best hosted at the Hyatt. As for where Swift would hypothetically perform at Stony Brook, Lubitz said the concert would hopefully take place in Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium, which USG hopes to use as a venue for future concerts.

Despite not getting an on-campus performance for the fall, Stony Brook’s disappointed Taylor Swift fans still have the upcoming release of Swift’s “Red” on Oct. 22 to look forward to. “Red,” which will feature her Billboard number one hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” is the country star’s fourth studio album.


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