Looking for a new local place to have some delicious frozen yogurt?  Sweet Frog is the spot for you.  On its website, Sweet Frog says that its concept is to be a bright, positive, family-friendly environment where its customers can create their dessert their way – at a very modest price point.

“Sweet Frog opened in Stony Brook in July and has already become the place to be,” Kerri Hynes, co-owner and manager of the Stony Brook location said. “We’re growing in leaps and bounds. It’s only going to be more popular as students return to our town.”

Stony Brook is now one of three Sweet Frog locations on Long Island.  The other two locations are  in Sayville and Hauppauge. Sweet Frog is located on Route 25A, next to 7-11, and is within walking distance for students living on campus.
And it is not even necessary to walk the whole way there.  Take the bus to the railroad, and it becomes a much shorter walk.

Hynes says that there will be monthly specials for students and the community.

Sweet Frog is not a typical frozen yogurt store. It has flavored yogurts such as jolly rancher fruit punch, pumpkin pie, cake batter and key lime pie, just to name a few.

The flavors are not the only thing attracting customers to the new location; its toppings stand out as well. Rolos, M&Ms, Peppermint Patties, cookie dough pieces, brownie slices, fruit toppings and gummy bears can all be added to your yogurt of choice.

“We are constantly adding new flavors and rotating toppings,” Hynes said. “We have fifty to seventy different toppings combined with a self serve approach. It can’t be beat.”

Hynes says that business has been great, and that there is a surplus of customers that have been piling into the doors to try the new place in town. She says she would describe Sweet Frog as “great yogurt with a friendly staff and a great atmosphere.”


Sweet Frog is expected to expand on Long Island, and Hynes admits that it has been looking at two or three other locations. If campus food is getting old, Sweet Frog could be a great new place to try out.

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