As an incoming freshman, you may suddenly lose your way around campus. Then what do you do?  Learning your way around Stony Brook University is one of the biggest challenges you will face.  Fortunately, Stony Brook is serious about promoting safety throughout the campus community. There are many different services that every student can take advantage of to ensure personal safety.

The walking service offered by the Residential Safety Program, or RSP, is one.
If you are feeling unsure about walking back alone to a residence hall or parking lot at night, this service will have an RSP member escort you to your destination.

The RSP is a student-based organization with more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students who make it their goal to keep our campus a safe community.

Students who work as walk escorts are easily identified by the neon green vests that they are required to wear.  The walk service is available between 8 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. by calling 631-632-WALK.


In addition, members of RSP work as desk monitors at the entrance of every residential hall between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.  These monitors check-in and verify residents and guests who come back to the dorms during these hours.

The University Police also offers a ride-service program called “2-Ride.”  Anytime between dusk and dawn, students can contact University Police for a ride from either an officer or a security service assistant who will come to any on campus location to pick you up and drive you to your destination on-campus.  This service is available all year round.

While walking around campus, you may have noticed the blue light phones in many different locations.  These phones provide immediate contact with the University Police 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There are more than 100 blue light phones on campus, according to the University Police website, and they can be operated simply by pressing the big red emergency button.

Just last year, SBU launched SB Guardian, a mobile device app known as a blue light phone in your pocket.  This app gives students the option to turn their cell phone into a personal safety system. It includes two modes: panic call mode and precautionary timer mode.


The panic call mode can be used through a one-touch call that will automatically contact the University Police.  This feature allows University Police to find out the caller’s location and basic information about the caller so they can respond.

The precautionary timer mode gives users the option to set a timer when they are traveling from one to destination to another on campus.  If the user does not deactivate the timer, indicating that he/she arrived at his/her destination safely, the user will receive a text message three minutes prior to the expiration and a phone call one minute before.  If the user does not reach his/her destination, a panic call will notify University Police of their location.

Members of the SBU campus must register online to take advantage of the SB Guardian program.

The Office of Emergency Management offers another service to help keep students safe by keeping them updated and informed through a notification system called SB Alert.
This alert system is used to inform members of the campus community of any type of emergency, threat or dangerous situation. The system can be used during a minor situation such as a power outage.  But it is also crucial when students need to know what precautions to take during a serious threat.

Notifications and updates during a situation will immediately be sent to registered members via text, phone call or email.  Students must register online to take advantage of this SBU alert system.


Starting college and adjusting to a new environment can often be stressful and overwhelming, especially during freshman year. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) consists of licensed and certified mental health professionals that are available on campus to all students.  CAPS encourages all students—especially freshmen—to contact them when experiencing difficulties.  CAPS is located on the second floor of the Student Health Center.

SBU offers a variety of programs and campaigns throughout the year to keep students aware of safety on campus and to promote a safe environment for all.


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