Marlon McLeod, president of the Comedians Guild. Max Wei/The Statesman

There was once a time that senior health and science major Marlon McLeod thought that Stony Brook University was too dull.

To change that, McLeod, along with other students who were interested in comedy, started the SBU Comedians Guild.

McLeod always enjoyed watching sitcoms. “I grew up watching Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence,” McLeod said. “Those people influenced me a lot when I was younger. That makes me sound old.”
Because of this, McLeod cited Chris Rock as his comedic hero, but, at the moment, Louis C.K. is his favorite comedian.

To prepare for his comedy shows, McLeod draws inspiration from his own personal experiences. His stand-up routines feature stories about homeless people whom he frequently meets on the subway, people who do not cover their mouths when they cough and how chivalry is not dead. McLeod frequently jokes about his uncle, a sanitation worker who never takes out his own garbage.

McLeod has performed at the Eastville, New York and Broadway Comedy Clubs. He has also been seen performing at the Tabler Arts Center and in the University Café, yet no matter where McLeod does his stand- up routines, it always seems to be raining.
“I don’t hate the rain,” McLeod said. “I hate people’s ambition in the rain.”

McLeod helps members of the Comedians Guild prepare their routines in weekly workshops. He tells aspiring comedians to practice and be unique. The more one tells his or her own tale, the more unique the stand-up comedian becomes.

He also said that comedy is a rough business, and performers should know their audience. A routine that works with one audience might not work with another.  Although he did not want to seem cliché, McLeod said that it is important to never give up.

When he is not performing stand-up, McLeod likes science-related activities, reading and watching movies. He plans to pursue a career in medicine with a side job as a comedian.  He enjoys how science is challenging and always changing.


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