It was a slap in the face for pop princess Rihanna’s supporters. The remix of Rihanna’s song “Birthday Cake” featuring Chris Brown leaked on the internet.
Due to the buzz,  Brown was  happy to be featured in Rihanna’s song, and, as fans awaited the official release, he gave them a dose of this: “Girl I wanna f*** you right now (right now)/ Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body/ Let me-let me turn the lights down.”
Brown is notorious for the domestic abuse case involving Rihanna, which became a permanent black mark on their careers, and the reconciliation between the two does not sit well with some fans.
When Rihanna first released “Birthday Cake” as a snippet, no one heard the full version, but the dialogue in the full song that was released has both artists singing a tune that suggests neither is concerned with the past. Rihanna sings, “Remember how you did it? Remember how you fit it? If you still wanna kiss it. Come, come, come and get it.”
It is obvious that the two performers are teasing the audience with their dialogue in this song. “I also believe that they still have this love for each other, and it’s sweet and scary at the same time,” sophomore theater arts major Quamina Belgrave said.
The song, which was originally only going to be the snippet, received such fan reaction that the remix with Chris Brown   was conceived.
“I feel like the song is really raunchy.  It’s catchy though. I feel like it’s a little disrespectful for his current girlfriend, if they’re still together,” Belgrave said.
This makes people wonder if she is going to continue making songs with him.  What kind of example is Rihanna really setting if she does get back with Brown?  “It does have a publicity aspect to it because they’re both on a new level now, and controversy follows them all the time as far, as I’m concerned, from the beginning of their relationship to now,” junior psychology major Barabara Dorsainville said.
Dorsainville sees nothing wrong with the situation. “She’s obviously past it if she can make a song with him,” she said.
Not only was Chris Brown featured in her song, but she appears in his music as well.
Chris Brown remixed his already popular song “Turn Up the Music” by adding Rihanna.
Both songs find themselves rising on Billboard charts.  Not only is their music on the rise, but so is there fan count.  Both Rihanna and Brown are gaining Twitter and Facebook followers.
The most popular YouTube version of “Birthday Cake” already has over 4 million views.
So this begs the question of whether or not this is this really just a song, or are the two going  to rekindle a past romance? That is up for debate.  The song indicates both parties are interested.  In regards to her song, Rihanna is proud of it, and she happily tweeted, “It’s not even my birthday #CAKE.”


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