The north entrance to the university will be shuttered from Monday, Nov. 7 until Friday, Nov. 11, to complete a $1.4 million construction project at the intersection of Circle Road and North Entrance Road. Zackary Will, vice president of the Commuter Student Association, described that intersection as “dangerous” because it is on a steep incline. “If you’re coming from below you can’t see the cars above. And if you’re going downhill you can’t see the cars below,” he said.

“Roadway improvements are part of the campus-wide initiative to repair and/or relocate campus roadways in the interest of traffic and pedestrian safety,” said media relations manager James Montalto, in an email. Montalto said that the north entrance construction project will “improve sight lines for drivers.” However, he would not describe the specific changes being made to the roadway to remedy the visibility issue.

Commuter students, though inconvenienced by the closure, are being kept in the loop by Commuter Student Services.

“We keep the students updated on our Blackboard page and various other methods that we use to reach out to commuter students,” said Emily Resnick, senior adviser for commuter student services. “We are doing as much as we possibly can to let them know what’s going on and keep them aware so they’re making changes accordingly.”

In the meantime, students needing to access the northern parking lots can take Toll Road, which is normally closed to traffic.


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