Today was the first day of Escape to New York — a three-day music and lifestyle festival in Southampton.

Statesman Music Blogger Chris Priore and I set out to cover each and every aspect of the festival, from the music to the food to the art exhibits to the vendors.

Due to my exhaustion, the following photos will have to suffice until I regain the ability to write coherently tomorrow.

The festival is being held on the scenic Shinnecock Reservation in Southampton.
Some of the festival staff walked around with costume bunny heads; reason unknown.
This dome was filled with cushions and rose petals. It's more fun than it sounds.


See tomorrow's post for a more detailed description of the above: an Indonesian gamelan orchestra powered by a computer.
This DJ toad was driven around by a man with an umbrella hat, and played music throughout the day.
DJ Toad being driven around by a man in an umbrella hat.
The bunnies are back.


Official festival photographers wore uniforms: gym shorts with high socks, white polos and white sweatbands. For example, see the man to the left in this photo.
Above, for your viewing pleasure, is a photo of a stuffed animal created by a taxidermist who spoke at the festival. Check back tomorrow for details on my interview of him.
Best Coast was among the many bands that performed throughout day 1 of the festival.

Check back tomorrow for the stories behind the photos.

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