Sometimes, no new news can be good news. The string of petty arsons at Stimson College in Eleanor Roosevelt Quad — which prompted a police investigation and a grave email from police chief Robert J. Lenahan—has apparently ended. Stimson’s Residence Hall Director, Lakshmi Ramsoondar said that there hasn’t been a fire since last semester.

Last fall, an unknown person or group ignited “papers on bulletin boards and doors” in Stimson, said Chief Lenahan in a Feb. 1 message to the campus community. There were four such reported incidents.

“The fifth reported incident,” Lenahan continued, “involved setting toilet paper on fire in a common bathroom area.”

The chief warned that prank fires can result in catastrophe, referring to the January 2000 blaze at Seton Hall University that killed three students and injured 58. The University Police are investigating the fires.

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