New York State Supreme Court Judge Marylin Diamond has ordered the court case regarding Stony Brook University’s plan to open a hotel by the entrance of campus be relocated to the Riverhead court house.

According to court documents filed on Sept. 29, the change in venue means a temporary restraining order has been lifted, which gives the university an opportunity to start construction.

In Dec. of 2009, the Stony Brook Environmental Conservancy, or SBEC, along with Muriel Weyl, a board member of SBEC and Michelle Pizer, a Stony Brook alumni and past president of the Environmental Club, filed a complaint against the university on the matter with the New York State Supreme Court.

According to George Locker, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, the university requested a change in venue or to have the case dismissed.  Locker says it is a victory for his clients since the judge had the opportunity to dismiss the case yet did not.

“Its crystal clear how President Stanley behaves,” Locker said.  “He does what he wants…so extreme local legislators speak out against him.”

Locker says he is optimistic about the case, especially since the new venue is the same location where New York State Supreme Court Justice Paul J. Baisley, Jr. ruled in the favor of Southampton students who sued the university over the Southampton campus cuts.

“The university is in receipt of the court documents and will follow an appropriate and responsible course in moving forward,” said Lauren Sheprow, director of media relations.

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