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An excellent educational value at a low price is how Stony Brook University made it on Kiplinger’s list of “100 Best Values in Public Colleges.” The finance magazine ranked Stony Brook in 39th place, the same as  last year’s ranking.

Stony Brook has been recognized for its tremendous value for students, according to Matthew Whelan, the university’s Assistant Provost for enrollment and retention management. Such recognitions include the London Times, Higher Education and U.S. News and World Report. Whelan went on to say, “[The University’s] goal is to provide students with great value, affordable tuition and quality education.”

Recognition of Stony Brook’s low priced tuition does not end with the administration. When asking Sophomore Josh Eichel how he felt about the university being recognized for its qualities, he said, “I am very glad to be able to have the opportunity to go to such a good school and I am very glad that a public school is able to be ranked so high, showing you don’t need to be rich to get a college education.”

According to Dr. Peter M. Baigent, vice president for Student Affairs and associate provost for Enrollment and Retention Management, almost two-thirds of the ranking is based on the academics. Then the cost of expenses is assessed by looking at the in-state tuition, students financial need after grants and the average debt a student holds before graduating.

All other SUNY schools are ranked lower than Stony Brook, except SUNY Binghamton ranking in fifth and SUNY Geneseo coming in at ninth.

“We are happy that we are placed so high, where academic quality is the major contributing factor and anticipate our continuing ascent in these rankings over the coming years,” Baigent said. “This result reinforces what a great value Stony Brook is, given its ability to provide access to a wide array of high quality programs for a broad spectrum of students.”

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