Pharmaceutical companies dump birth control pills and other hormones in the ocean to dispose of the waste. What has been happening as a result is the transformation of male sex organs from fertile to infertile and straight to intersex. This means that males are producing female eggs that render them incapable of reproduction. The repercussions of this are immense and governments must put their foot down before humans eventually start dying simply from drinking tap water.

The nine-year study conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey has found that 44 percent of largemouth and smallmouth bass turned out to be intersex and in some sites 91 percent were affected. 91 percent of the male fish turned intersex! Unbelievable numbers, imagine a world where most males couldn’t reproduce because of the pollutants?

This procedure is wrong in two major ways. For those who are only interested in the human species, the second tier of this destructive behavior involves them. As for the fish, the most important organ has been altered, which will ultimately lead to a smaller population of fish. If nothing is done to stop poisonous dumping in oceans, bass fish and many others will become extinct as a result. Extinction of these fish will result in a shift of the ecosystem. This is where the humans come in. This affects us in two prominent ways.

For one, the rate of dysfunctional fish that we consume will increase. Would you want to eventually eat a fish that has been mutated with male and female sex organs? Secondly, since this has affected marine life in such a way, who is to say that we aren’t next to be targeted? Sadly to say there are no regulations for controlling hormones in the water we drink. You do not need to be a scientist to know that chemicals in water will have adverse affects on the body once consumed. The companies that choose to bring about these disastrous acts need to be regulated or research must be done in order to find effective ways to dispose of the industrial waste. The US spends a lot of money on research and innovations to make things bigger, better and faster. Why can’t equal amounts of funding go towards building an effective waste system so that other living things, including humans, are not put in danger? Just as we have a right to life, we have a right to live healthily and enjoy nature’s bounties.


The earth is a very friendly place to live when left alone to go about its natural path. The ecosystem works in such a perfect way from the grain all the way through to the last of the food chain. Nowhere in the ecosystems’ chain is there any room or need for the dumping of harmful chemicals into the bodies of living things around the world.


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