There is a reason that the uninhibited naked female form is a staple of any reputable art program.The female body is studied as art, because the female body is art.

There should be little surprise that the graceful glances of nude women, young and old, should bear onto myriad sketchpads and canvases of artists, students and photographers. One example from artist Kara Zisa, a 19-year-old artist attending her sophomore year at F.I.T., is shown here to display the vast shades influenced by a woman’s appeal.

The new art that is emerging from Kara Zisa is truly innovative and extraordinarily comprehensive. The Long Island native, who currently resides in Manhattan and Medford, continues her education at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.). There, a rigorous schedule is providing her with the sharpened tools to make intense achievements in art.

Kara Zisa’s art has been showcased at the ISE Cultural Foundation Art Student Exhibit 2009 at 555 Broadway, NY, right across from Uniqlo (from July 10 – August 29, 2009), and also the ‘Something Different’ Show at the APW Gallery located at 48-18 Van Dam St. in Long Island City, NY (from July 17 – August 23, 2009). One can view more of Zisa’s art at


The curvilinear subtleties, from a female’s arched back to her teeming bust, from her sharply rounded hips to the alluring angled eyes, all speak to her magnificence. The X-crossed legs of the female form lightweight tools for dancing, and the portcullises smoothly transition on to the barest brown slope’ up to her soft and sensitive fingertips.
Tender to the touch is the forehead of the woman’s body, a gift to her ears, tendrils of the most strong, timid, and translucent locks of hair that spills, in every way, a beauty to behold.

In France, Australia and many countries it is common to have topless women portrayed on television commercials or programs. Nudity is treated as natural, the female body is revered, and tasteful art walks slowly across numerous oculi, without a thought going off in anyone’s mind that something wrong, immoral, abnormal, paranormal, or otherwise is taking place.

Meanwhile, a Janet Jackson ‘nipple slip’ threatened to undo the very fabric of reality itself in America, as millions of unsuspecting viewers thought they might have seen’hellip;something, and a huge scandal ensued. No one in France had any idea what everyone was so upset about. Billions around the world wondered, and not for the first time either, what the hell those crazy Americans were going on about. The irony here is that not many people really watched the halftime shows at the Super Bowl anyway, but millions do now!

In a Puritanical fashion, many places on the dry,drowned earth find the female body, nude in all of its glory, to be taboo. The baring of a breast is discouraged, at all costs, because uptight personages cannot handle that the most natural and exquisite bounty of nature that is woman. Should she be hidden?’


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