This summer’s big blockbuster ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ came out on DVD this past Tuesday, and for those who are thinking of buying it… don’t.

I do not know what is worse watching a movie that is terrible from the onset until you are dragged through to the end, or seeing a fairly decent flick that pulls you in until the last third of the picture, where it totally and utterly goes to hell.

Wolverine was the latter, and I can honestly say that the bastardization of some of my favorite fictional characters nearing the end of this movie absolutely ruined the experience, the film, and my night ‘ after I saw this movie.

A bad taste still lingers in my mouth as I recall the twisting of Sabretooth, Deadpool, and Wolverine’s characters in some of the worst writing ever brought forth from the reeking Hollywood sewers.

If you have a deep source to lean upon, the question remains: why would you discount decades of tremendous writing/art in comic books? The director/producers of this movie clearly took poetic license too far, as they held up the script and shot it with a firing squad, leaving the film with more sickly looking holes than Swiss cheese. Please do not waste time from your life watching or purchasing Wolverine.’

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