Two men allegedly responsible for the rash of recent car break-ins at SBU were apprehended on March 13 by the Stony Brook Police Department.

Carlos Benetiz and Nelson Majia, both non-students and residing in Central Islip, were arrested by Officer Joseph Bica at 2:00 pm near Tabler Quad after a routine vehicle and traffic stop.

According to Deputy Chief Doug Little, it was discovered that their car did not have proper license plates. A search of the vehicle was then conducted,

and stolen property was found in the trunk, including stereos, radios, and other equipment.

The two men have been indicted on a felony charge of criminal mischief, and also on misdemeanor charges of petty larceny, possession of stolen property, and possession of burglar tools. The investigation also discovered that Benetiz and Majia have allegedly been breaking into cars at Suffolk Community College and Farmingdale as well.

The increase in car thefts had convinced University Police to increase their surveillance in parking lots around campus. Plain clothes officers and a more extensive patrol presence had been monitoring the situation for some time. Chief Little praised his officer for a job well done.

‘The entire department is very proud of Officer Bica,’ Little said.

‘He did an outstanding job and made a good arrest. We commend him on his excellent police work.’


The two men are currently awaiting trial. If convicted, they could face jail



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