The Statesman Sex Issue Shoot: Part 1

It is that time of year again, The Statesman's sex issue. This year we are going all out to bring you the best articles and photos to top off the third annual issue.

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Stony Brook’s Bhangra team makes moves on and off campus
Kiran Sharma, above, dances to traditional Indian music during the Holi celebrations on Sunday. ERIC SCHMID/THE STATESMAN
Deadline—April 18, 2016
Stony Brook Fencing Club journeys to CFC national championships
Deadline—March 28th, 2016
SBU Men’s Basketball celebration continues on Selection Sunday
Members of the Stony Brook Men's Basketball team crowd around their champion banner for photos after defeating Vermont in the America East finals 80 - 74.CHRISTOPHER CAMERON/THE STATESMAN
Sports Highlights: Seawolves defeat Vermont in AE Championship
Deadline—March 7th, 2016
Deadline—February 29th, 2016
Deadline—February 22nd, 2016
Sex and Relationship Issue 2016 KRYSTEN MASSA/THE STATESMAN
Behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for Sex and Relationships Today
Senior forward Jameel Warney (No. 20, above) scored a career-high of 36 points in last nights victory against Hartford. KRISTEN MASSA/THE STATESMAN
Deadline—February 8th, 2016
Stony Brook Men's Basketball senior forward Jameel Warney (No. 20, above) helped the Seawolves extend their winning streak to 13 at rival Vermont with 23 points on Saturday. CHRISTOPHER CAMERON/THE STATESMAN
Deadline—February 1st, 2016
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