Roth Cafe changes bring Red Mango and second Starbucks location

Stony Brook University’s Faculty Student Association Board of Directors (FSA) has approved the Campus Dining Resolutions Committee’s 2012-2013 meal plan proposal which will include a side dining room with a new café, featuring Red Mango and Starbucks at Roth Cafe.

Red Mango at Roth Food Court will feature six yogurt flavors, a topping bar and a range of smoothies. PHOTO CREDIT: RED MANGO, INC.

Red Mango at Roth Food Court will feature six yogurt flavors, a topping bar and a range of smoothies. PHOTO CREDIT: RED MANGO, INC.

“In March 2012, the Meal Plan Resolutions Committee discussed bringing a frozen yogurt concept to Roth Food Court,” Angela Agnello, director of marketing and communications for FSA, said.

Stony Brook University Meal Plan Resolutions Committee considered Pinkberry and Red Mango as possible options for Roth Cafe. The committee selected Red Mango because the brand has a larger acknowledgment on Long Island and in the tri-state area, according to the Meal Plan Resolutions Committee’s website.

“Starbucks was added to the lower level of Roth Food Court to replace Pura Vida, a brand that was unpopular among Stony Brook students,” Agnello said. “Adding a second location on campus is meant to alleviate some of the lines at the Stony Brook Union Starbucks.”

Roth Cafe’s Red Mango is expected to be completed in spring of 2013.

Angela Angello of FSA said the second Starbucks location will reduce lines. (PHOTO CREDIT: MCT CAMPUS)

Angela Angello of FSA said the second Starbucks location will reduce lines. (PHOTO CREDIT: MCT CAMPUS)

Red Mango will feature three yogurt machines. Each machine will offer six flavors, including the option for three swirl mixes. The restaurant will feature toppings as well as a line of smoothies, according to the FSA website.

The Campus Dining Resolutions Committee, which includes 12 students, staff members from the food service provider and FSA, recommended Red Mango because of extensive reviews and analysis from customers’ inputs and comments.

The committee allowed Campus Dining Services to provide yogurt creations customized to Stony Brook themes such as Wolfie and the Roth Regatta, Agnello said.

After the FSA and the Campus Dining Services received positive student feedback and input, they decided to add Red Mango at the university.

Students wanted a yogurt or a smoothie concept at Roth Cafe. The students preferred Red Mango because of the food’s quality.

“I’m excited for Red Mango and Starbucks,” Karl Telemaque, a junior social work major, said. “Red Mango is a healthier choice than Haagen-Dazs ice cream and the committee is thinking of students and bringing healthier food choices or desserts to students.”

Students also wanted a place to socialize and study with friends.

“Students created Roth Regatta Cafe featuring Red Mango as a space to work, study, socialize and relax,” Agnello said. “The space was created for the students, by the students, to provide a place to escape academic stresses and as a place for students to gain valuable work experience.”

Red Mango and Starbucks will benefit students. Students will benefit from employment opportunities, according to the FSA’s website. The FSA is currently processing paperwork for students to be employed at Roth Cafe featuring Red Mango.

The FSA has hired more than 42 students. The association is currently hiring additional staff members to occupy scheduling gaps. Students will be provided with quality employment and student training.

Work opportunities include student trainers, project managers, product developers and administrative coordinators.

The Meal Plan Resolutions Meal Committee will determine Red Mango products. The committee will review proposed pricings of food costs. They will determine the sell price on how to offer the product on campus.

Dawn Villacci, Customer Advocate at FSA, listened to students’ feedback and provided recommendations related to pricing and portions before the items are to be introduced to the campus community.

Campus Dining Services have approved student requests on offering a traditional S3 Fusion- UPick salad station at Roth Cafe. Students can customize their ideal salad toppings, she said.

Villaci enjoys working with the student managers at Roth Café featuring Red Mango. She helps assist students with creating an extensive training program that will provide a well-organized plan at Roth Cafe.

The FSA expects Starbucks and Red Mango to be popular and attractive to students. “Our hope is that more students will dine at Roth Food Court,” Villacci said.

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