All too often, it’#146;s a Krispy Kreme for breakfast, a Whopper for lunch,and tacos smothered in sour cream for dinner. But lettuce is a vegetable, andjust think of all the calcium in that milkshake! Right?

We’#146;re all guilty of this faulty reasoning. It’#146;s easy to fall intothe fast-food trap on this campus, particularly when time is of the essence.

Some might argue it’#146;s also a matter of taste, as the wilted leaves oflettuce at the salad bar and the congealed lentil soup can be appetite killers.

So, it is about time that Campus Dining Services take steps in encouraginghealthier eating habits among students. The new initiative to increase healthfuloptions is long overdue, but we are willing to forgive and forget if this programactually has merit.

The idea to clearly mark these alternatives with a special logo sounds good,but will the nutritional value be provided as well? We’#146;d like to know exactlyhow healthy these items are; it’#146;s good to know that the muffin has lessfat than the greasy fries, but if it’#146;s only leaner by a gram or two, forgetit.

Publicity for the program needs to be increased. Once again, we use this spaceto moan about the impossibility of disseminating information on this campus.The signage in the dining halls promoting ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ isnot sufficient. We are begging to be hit over the head with information aboutthe project. Save us from ourselves and our crummy eating habits.

To our fellow students: with finals in rapid approach, we should all be thinkingabout eating well. Cramming down junk food and large doses of caffeine onlyleads to stomach cramps and decreased productivity. So keep your eyes peeledfor alternatives when you dine on campus. Hopefully, CDS will soon step up theinitiative to make good on its promises to feed us better.