On Friday, the Fifth Annual Latin Fashion Show took place in the SAC auditoriumat 7 pm. Latin fraternity Lambda Upsilon Lambda and sorority Sigma Lambda Gammaproduced the event jointly to honor their organization founders from New York.Lambda fraternity members visited from schools throughout the northeast suchas C.W. Post, SUNY Binghamton, and SUNY Buffalo, while Gamma sisters came fromTexas, Minnesota, California, Illinois, and Florida.

Stony Brook students, mainly from the hosting fraternity and sorority, modeledclothing for six different scenes: club, business, urban, formal, swimwear,and lingerie. In between scenes were acts by conga player Hendrix Pineda, R&Bsinger ‘Chavalier’, and individual acts pieces together by organizationssuch as PUSO.

‘We’#146;ve been rehearsing for two months – on and off. During the lasttwo weeks, we endured through nightly rehearsals, but the end result was a positiveproduct for Stony Brook’ said sophomore fashion model Kevin Cheung

The fashion models walked down the runway in the latest designer label outfits.The urban scene was a good representation of the dress style of the currentyouth population, while the other scenes displayed clothing appropriate forthose specific fields. The show was sponsored by Dots Incorporated, Exit Q-13,and Queens Finest.

‘I thought it was a very good display of current American hip-hop culturewith the incorporation of Latino flavor,’ said sophomore audience memberZena J. Murphy.

The show combined the current trends in fashion and music to create an overallsuccessful presentation for everyone. President of Lambda Upsilon Lambda, JorgeDiaz, summarized the goals of the event: ‘The show was open to all andbrought out the unity on campus. That’#146;s what community is about.’